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Leadership Team

John A. Williams III
John A. Williams III CEO

John Williams III serves as the President and CEO of J. Williams Industrial Group, Inc. John is also an enrolled member of the Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes. As one of the original founders of J. Williams Industrial, John’s dedication and unrelenting commitment to providing the highest quality services available to our clients has built our team into what we are today. Under John’s leadership J. Williams Industrial has grown into a true market competitor, and continues to build our team into the most sought after Industrial, Mechanical, Commercial and Electrical Contractor in the region.

Kevin White
Kevin White COO

Kevin White serves as Sr. Vice President and COO. Under Kevin’s leadership J. Williams Industrial has grown into a structured market competitor. Implementing our extensive safety program, assisting in the development and implementation of our current business structure, policies, and protocols. Kevin and his team have structured J. WIlliams Industrial focusing on Safety, effective communication, quality services, customer service, and accountability.

Kevin has a strong history of service to others, safety, and structure. Kevin is a US Army Veteran who served as a Combat Medic, along with over 15 years of service as a FireFighter, Paramedic, and Hazardous Materials Specialist with one of the largest Fire Departments in the country. He also has earned multiple safety certifications and degrees in the HSE field.

Ron Corbin
Ron Corbin VP – General Manager

With over 25 years in the mechanical, plumbing, and industrial industries, Ron Corbin is a highly accomplished professional known for his versatility and commitment to excellence. He excels in diverse projects, exceeding expectations and building enduring customer relationships through his exceptional interpersonal skills.

Outside of work, Ron finds solace in nature, enjoying activities like hunting and fishing for rejuvenation. He also prioritizes quality family time, recognizing the importance of maintaining a well-rounded life.

In summary, Ron Corbin's extensive expertise, dedication to excellence, and ability to forge lasting connections make him a highly respected figure in the industry, with a unique balance between professional and personal fulfillment.

John Porter
John Porter General Superintendent

John Porter is a highly experienced professional with an impressive track record of 35 years in the Plumbing/Mechanical field. Having completed the LU 234 apprenticeship program in 1994, he has since evolved into a respected instructor in his field. John possesses an unwavering enthusiasm for the day-to-day problem-solving challenges that his profession entails. Throughout his career, John has been fortunate to cross paths with exceptional mentors who have significantly contributed to his growth and knowledge. Their guidance continues to shape his approach and ensure his continuous learning. John is a firm believer in the importance of constantly staying abreast of industry developments and best practices. Beyond his professional pursuits, John values the moments spent with his cherished children, grandchildren, and close friends. He finds solace in nurturing these relationships and cherishes the quality time they share. In his leisure hours, John indulges in his passion for vintage hotrods, dedicating time to restoring these timeless classics. Additionally, he finds great joy in his love for hunting and fishing, appreciating the tranquility and connection with nature it provides. Driven by his commitment to delivering excellence in his profession and enjoying a fulfilling personal life, John Porter is a notable figure in both the Plumbing/Mechanical field and his vibrant personal pursuits.

Larry Turknett
Larry Turknett Health Care Dept. VP / Executive Consultant

Larry has almost 40 years of experience in the Mechanical, HVAC and Plumbing Design and Construction Services which includes working with most of the hospitals in Northeast Florida. His vast experience in the healthcare field is recognized and he regularly supports groups working with the Agency for Healthcare Administration in new and existing project analysis. Larry has also been involved in some of the largest commercial and government projects in Florida, including Courthouses, Schools and Colleges, Hospitality Facilities, Total Energy Plants, City, State and Federal Office and support buildings, and Commercial Office and Retail Buildings and Facilities of all sizes and capacities. Larry’s experience in Company Operations will continue to make J. Williams Industrial into the best and most diverse employer for the highly skilled workforce that will be needed for the future in Northeast Florida.

Marissa Gavin-Wrye
Marissa Gavin-Wrye Accounting Director

Marissa, an outstanding account manager, brings a wealth of experience and a decade-long history of remarkable achievements. Her unyielding dedication to her profession is evident in her ability to connect with individuals and cultivate meaningful relationships. Marissa's commitment extends not only to our esteemed clients but also to the well-being and satisfaction of our hardworking employees. Outside of her professional endeavors, she finds solace and joy in spending quality time with her loved ones. Marissa's favorite pastimes include fishing and indulging in the exciting activity of scalloping. She truly values the opportunity to get to know each person she interacts with and is committed to delivering an unparalleled level of service and excellence. Marissa appreciates your time and eagerly looks forward to serving you with her unrivaled skills and determination.

James Griffin
James Griffin CTO / Director of Marketing

James Griffin is a native of Jacksonville, FL, and has been a dedicated professional with J. Williams for the past 5 years. Not only does he serve as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) but also skillfully crafted his Marketing roles for the company. J. Williams has embraced the opportunity of allowing James to embark on new challenges and has shown great eagerness and demonstrated a strong willingness to learn on the job. He brings a solid foundation in data management, graphic design, and image editing. As the CTO, he has and will continue to drive innovation, leverage emerging technologies, and optimize processes. Simultaneously, as the Director of Marketing, he continues to focus on impactful storytelling, customer engagement, and data-driven decision-making. Given that J. Williams is an ever-growing business, James thrives in fast-paced environments and can adapt quickly to changing market dynamics. Being passionate about continuously learning is amongst his highest priority all while staying up-to-date with industry trends through online courses, and networking. He starts every day excited to connect with like-minded professionals and collaborate on initiatives that drive transformative outcomes.

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Safety Coordinator
Selena Stratton
Selena Stratton Accounting Assistant
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Sr. Electrical Project Manager
George Hinson
George Hinson Electrical Project Manager
Andrzej Chmiel
Andrzej Chmiel Plumbing Service Manager
Madelyn Morro
Madelyn Morro Plumbing Assistant Project Manager
Valerie Day
Valerie Day Plumbing Project Manager
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams Industrial General Contractor / Assistant Project Manager
Matthew Pollock
Matthew Pollock Piping
Patrick Lowery
Patrick Lowery Millwright Project Manager
John A Williams, Jr
John A Williams, Jr Founding Member
Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker Estimator